Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here are a few more photos from my amulet buying experience in Nahkon Pathom, Thailand (see previous blog).

Mr. Flying Ice Cream Guy, the amulet (and ice cream) vendor and I check out the inventory.

Using Pom's note, Mr. Flying Ice Cream Guy suggests an amulet that will help me see and communicate with ghosts.

"Very good! Number one!" says Mr. Flying Ice Cream Guy, as he recommends the Phra Phid Ta amulet (note his "thumbs up" sign).

The deal is done! I'm the proud owner of a Phra Phis Ta amulet.


  1. Love these posts and photos from Thailand. Thank you so much for sharing, John... "Very good! Number one!"

  2. Thank you, Jason. Stay tuned for more.